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Exciting Training Opportunities
Bryce Hanson
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Exciting Training Opportunities

2018 Training Overview

The 2018 Conclave training program seeks to revolutionize the way training is delivered. By narrowing but intensifying the training experience, we hope to maximize the benefit to our lodges and Arrowmen. The new system include a three stage process delivered Saturday morning at Conclave.

The first stage is a traditional lecture based course with a specific focus chosen by the participant. In the second stage, those individuals who choose similar topics will be placed into crews together. The first task of those crews is to explore, through guided conversation topics, their understanding of their topic and their aspirations for personal organizational improvement. Once that second stage is complete, the crews transitions into stage three. In stage three, the momentum from the internal discussion is directed outward and onward as each participant will create a TrailGuide for their next year centered on their chosen focus. The TrailGuide will include concrete goals, necessary resources, and a clear tie-in to the Conclave theme.


Track 1: Leadership

This track is for Arrowmen who are serving or looking to serve in leadership positions throughout the OA and Scouting. Courses include delegation, communication, and classes on lodge and chapter leadership. Discussion topics will include servant leadership and how to expand your leadership legacy.

Track 2: New Arrowmen

This track is for new Arrowmen who’ve joined the OA in the last year. Get an introduction to high adventure, leadership, and ceremonies opportunities or learn more about the path to Brotherhood. Discussion topics will include a broad introduction to the Order and how to forge your path ahead.

Track 3: Creating a Legacy

This is track is for Arrowmen who want to help grow the Order into our future by understanding how to best help with the process of bringing in more youth into the OA and retaining them after their induction. Courses include effective unit elections, ceremonies, and best practices for the journey from the start of the induction weekend through brotherhood conversion. Discussion topics include the importance of the full induction process and how to expand your resources.



  • Delegation

    • Learn effective strategies on delegating not only to help accomplish your tasks but to help other realize their leadership potential.

  • Communications

    • Learn about communications including planning and executing effective communications to increase event participation and program success. This is perfect for chapter and lodge secretaries, unit scribes or webmasters, and communications committee chairmen.

  • Lodge Roles

    • Learn about lodge leadership position, the expectations of lodge leadership, and how best to success in a lodge leadership position you have or want to have.

  • Effective chapters

    • Learn about how chapters are the key to the OA’s success and the keys to ensuring successful chapter operations.

New Arrowmen

  • Intro to High Adventure Opportunities

    • Learn about the special opportunities you have now that you are in the OA to participate in High Adventure.

  • Intro to Leadership Opportunities

    • Learn about different leadership opportunities that can be taken in your chapter and lodge as well opportunities for leadership development to help you serve your unit.

  • Intro to Ceremonies

    • Learn about the different ceremonies, what they mean and how you can get involved with your lodge ceremonies team.

Creating a Legacy

  • Effective Unit Elections Process

    •  Learn how to make unit elections most effective including scheduling, communications, team training, execution, and documentation.

  • Ordeal Ceremony

    • Learn about how to best present the Pre-Ordeal and Ordeal ceremonies and join an exploration about meaning, history, and more.

  • Brotherhood Ceremony

    • Learn about how to best present the Brotherhood ceremony and join an exploration about meaning, history, and more.

  • Induction Weekend & Brotherhood Conversion

    • Learn about the importance of a well run induction weekend and continuing that success through increased Brotherhood conversion.