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Rudy Lautner
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This Scouting Season

For Section W-3N, May has been the month of new Arrowmen. May saw three out of our five lodges holding induction weekends, with Talako Lodge holding one in April. Ut In-Sélica also welcomed recently elected candidates with new candidate BBQ. We should also recognize those already in our Order who planned and assisted during these weekends. Putting on an induction weekend is no small feat. These past few months have seen lodge and chapter leadership conducting troop elections, as well as Arrowmen coming together to both bring in new members and, perhaps more importantly, provide cheerful service to our council camps and properties. Together, we welcomed roughly ninety Arrowmen into our Order. Additionally, Talako inducted their first class of female youth Arrowmen into their lodge. Congratulations to all on welcoming the next generation of W-3N Arrowmen!

Yet that is not all. The upcoming months will be filled with lodge meetings, fellowships, and inductions, all leading up to Conclave 2019. Amangi Nacha, Ut In-Sélica, and Tannu will be holding inductions in both June and August, and most of our lodges will be holding various fellowships throughout the summer. And as Spring turns into Summer, let us look back at the year so far, as well as forward to these events, the upcoming Conclave, and beyond.

The message that we’d like to convey for Conclave 2019 is Our Next Chapter Awaits! As you attend lodge events this summer, consider the meaning of this message. It is no unknown fact that we are entering a new chapter in our Order, and it is no different for Section W-3N. We have the opportunity to be the leaders who will fill out the pages of our next chapter in our history. To do so, we can start at the lodge level, building strength among Arrowmen in our lodges, and then share that strength throughout the Section. Brothers, our next chapter awaits, but it is up to us to write these pages out.