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Rudy Lautner
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Conclave in Space: Our Next Chapter Awaits!

Brothers, look to the stars. The universe is an ever expanding wellspring of adventure. Filled with mystery and grandeur, many stories have been told of heroes, explorers, and adventures taking place among the cosmos. Now it is our turn to tell our own story. This fall, Arrowmen from across Section W-3N and beyond will gather at Camp Herms, BSA to create and experience our own grand adventure. Let the awe and mystery of a Conclave unlike any other begin.

Over the past few months, lodge and section leadership have been looking at means of improving the effectiveness of Conclave and giving it a greater purpose. Conclave is meant to bring all shapes and sizes of Arrowmen together, and we believe the best way to do that is by finding common interests among Arrowmen and creating shared experiences that not only bring us all together, but form lasting bonds of friendship. Upon arriving at Conclave, you’ll find a new and dynamic program that catalyzes forming bonds between Arrowmen of different lodges, as well as inter-lodge competitions that maintain excitement throughout the entire weekend.

Conclave 2019 is a frontier for all Arrowmen. Whether you're passionate about pursuing ceremonies, eager to explore the outdoors, or looking to compete with your lodge in competitions like Indian Handball for the coveted Golden Phoenix award, Conclave 2019 has opportunities that appeal to Arrowmen of all interests. And it is the interests of all Arrowmen that is a Thing of the Spirit of Conclave 2019. Conclave 2019 will be tailored to the needs and passions of all Arrowmen throughout Section W-3N, and all that is left is for you to come experience the spectacle that will be Conclave in Space: Our Next Chapter Awaits!