Our Section:

Section W-3N formed during the -------


Year Chief Adviser Conclave Location Messege/Theme
2008 -2009   Jake Knudson Keith Coombs    
2009 - 2010 Ben Leroy Keith Coombs    
2010-  2011 Gabe McHugh Keith Coombs    
2011 - 2012 William “Joe” Barton IV, Andrew MacBeth Larry Frith Camp Marin Sierra Firm Bound in Brotherhood/2012
2012 - 2013 Michael Kintscher Larry Frith Churchill County Fairgrounds One Arrow to Guide Us All/LOTR
2013 - 2014 Michael Kintscher, Zachary Crosley Larry Frith Solano County Fairgrounds Out There is Our Future/Tron
2014 - 2015 Michael Swalberg Larry Frith Sonoma Raceway Brotherhood at the Raceway/Centennial
2015- 2016 Vincent Despain Larry Frith Solano County Fairgrounds The Phoenix Awakens/Star Wars
2016 - 2017 Ryan Thomure Dr. Joe Barton Camp Lasson Each One Who Comes to Us
2017 - 2018 Andrew Zucker Dr. Joe Barton Camp Sierra Pines Step Into Fellowship